Buying Guide

There are just a few things you need when making Wax Seals and you can get all of them from Kustom Haus. This is your buying guide, split into three categories.

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Bare Essentials

1. Stamps

A Wax Seal Stamp is used to make an impression in your Sealing Wax of choice. You can order a personalised or designed stamp or we can create a custom design from your own artwork.

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2. Sealing Wax

There are two kinds of Sealing Wax. Flexible Sealing Wax is unbreakable, making it perfect for the mail. Traditional Sealing Wax has a wick and will crack or snap when pressure is applied.

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3. Melting Tools

The easiest way to dispense Flexible Sealing Wax is with a Wax Gun. You can also use a Melting Spoon and Candle. Traditional Wax needs no additional tools, just light the wick.

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1. Highlighting

Make your wax seals pop by highlighting your impressions. Use a Metallic Marker or Highlighting Ink Pad and Sponge Dauber to enhance your seals.

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2. Cleaning Sticks

Use Cleaning Sticks to help flush your gun of a previous colour. These sticks of clear wax are most useful when switching between similar hues.

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3. Kits

Kits combine some of our must-have essentials with our favourite accessories, supplied in a cute drawstring bag. Choose your kit and add your wax seal stamp and sealing wax.

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4. Non-Stick Mats

A Non-Stick Silicon Mat provides a heat-resistant surface to work on. Use it to make and set Wax Seals to apply later on with Adhesive Backings.

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5. Adhesive Backings

Double-Sided Adhesive Backings are easily applied to the underside of pre-made wax seals. A pull-tab makes removing the protective backings a breeze. Available in two sizes.

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