Artwork Guide

Our Wax Seal experts will check and adjust your artwork, then we'll send you an artwork proof to approve before production. We'll make sure your stamp makes the best seals possible.

Download Artwork Template
Optional Illustrator compatible PDF with all sizes / shapes

Use the points below as a guide when you're preparing artwork for a Custom Design Wax Seal Stamp

  • Safe area:¬†keep typography and graphic elements at least 2 mm from the edge unless you want to run your design over-the-edge.
  • Bleed: add a 1 mm bleed if you're running your design over-the-edge
  • Dieline:
    • Circle: 18, 24 or 30 mm diameter.¬†Place artwork within a guide circle to indicate placement
    • Square 21 x 21 mm. Place artwork within a guide square¬†to indicate placement
    • You can supply your artwork larger and we'll resize it for you
  • Typography:¬†minimum¬†6 pt (or about 1.4 mm height) or larger
  • Lines/strokes:¬†there's no minimum thickness, you don't need to adjust¬†your artwork to make graphic elements thicker
  • Spacing:¬†seperate your design elements as much as possible, keeping spaces/gaps in your design at¬†a minimum of 0.18 mm to¬†avoid engraved areas blending together
  • Expand or convert fonts¬†to outlines/shapes:¬†or we won't be able to see your artwork as¬†you do: this does not mean adding¬†an outline/stroke to your text. In Illustrator select your typography and go to¬†Type > Create Outlines or Object > Expand...¬†
  • Black and white:¬†don't use colour, shadows, gradients or backgrounds in your artwork
  • File type:¬†for best results your design should be in vector format, but if you're uploading a¬†raster image it should be 150-300 DPI minimum. We recommend and prefer .AI, .EPS and .PDF vector files for the best results

 A couple of extra notes...

  • Don't upload¬†small, pixelated, blurry images or screenshots from your phone:¬†upload the original or best image file
  • Don't reverse or flip your artwork:¬†that's our job


Using images to create Wax Seal Stamp designs
Avoid using photos, overly detailed or hand drawn illustrations and coloured images.

Using typography/fonts in Wax Seal Stamp designs

Avoid low-resolution and pixelated images, very small typography and closely spaced graphic elements.

We'll send you an artwork proof for you to check and approve. We won't engrave anything that won't work we'll let you know if there are any problems with your artwork.

If you have any questions or you're not sure if your logo or design will work well as a wax seal stamp, ask us and we'll help you out.