Get Tricky. Creative Halloween Wax Seal Stamp Ideas.

Get tricky. Creative Halloween wax seal ideas.There's no better excuse to get creative than Hallo-freakin'-ween. There's pumpkin carving, spooky themed food and, of course, epic costumes. Halloween is an awesome chance to get your friends and family together and throw an all-out party. And an all-out party needs invites. And party favours. So we've created a set of creepy wax seals to help you make your Halloween awesome. 

Use your Halloween wax seal stamp to personalise your invites and decorations. Or create your own Halloween wax seal by sending us your artwork. We can turnaround a custom wax seal stamp within 24 hours!Create personalised gift tags and envelopes with a Halloween wax seal stamp.Now, you could use your wax seal stamp to seal your invite envelopes (by the way, we made these envelopes ourselves) but why not go all out and create gift tags for table settings or party favours? You could personalise a calico bag for trick-or-treaters or even decorate candy jars.Create personalised bags for trick or treating and decorate candy jars with a wax seal.Lastly, you're going to need a superb Halloween colour palette. We recommend Green, Purple, Orange and Black. Each pack of 5 sticks will make 35-50 vibrantly coloured seals. Happy Halloween!