Get Inspired With Delicious Sealing Wax Colours

Yellow Sealing Wax and Lightning Bolt Wax Seal Stamp

We thought we'd put together a lil somethin' to inspire you. There are a few colours that get pushed aside for the classics like Gold, Red and even Black. But there's no reason why you can't get fresh with colour and add a little pop with something you wouldn't usually consider.

Like yellow! Our Yellow sealing wax is rich and golden. Use it on yellow envelopes or contrast it against a black surface for a striking effect.

Antique Copper is a rich brown with a metallic sheen that looks smart and stately. Use it with kraft paper for a natural and earthy look. The stamp featured above is our Moose head from our Antlers collection.

Check out this zesty number. Our Orange sealing wax will take your creativity to the next level but if you really want to make a splash try Orange Pearl which has a subtle pearlescent sheen. Try matching orange with cream or off-white stock and our CUTE AF wax seal stamp will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Do it white! Classic White sealing wax is fresh and bright. Try white-on-white for something really clean and minimalist. The stamp featured is our Skull and Crossbones and is only $34.95 AUD.

Delicious Deep Red! Combine red sealing wax with our Cotton Bakers Twine to make amazing wrapped gifts and decorated jam jars. Highlight your Rose wax seal stamp with one of our Highlighting Ink Pads to give your seal a little boost.