New Ways to Express Yourself

We've created new wax seal monogram stamps to help you express yourself!We've been busy creating new wax seal stamps to help you express yourself! There are 3 new designs that you can customise to feature your initials, all set within a unique frame or border. Use your personalised wax seal stamp to adorn your notebooks and journals, add a finishing touch to gift wrapping and cards, seal envelopes and invitations or create a stamp as a gift for someone special. 

Let us wrap your gifts for just $5.95 AUD!

Check out our three new character/monogram wax seal stamps and make them your own. Don't forget to pick up your favourite coloured sealing wax!

Create a beautiful single character wax seal stamp set in a unique diamond border.

We're stoked to be able to offer free shipping on all Aussie orders over $65 AUD! International orders ship free when you spend just $199 AUD, with flat-rate shipping available for just $19 AUD.